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Letting go of your dream of parenthood can impact every area of your life, leaving you wondering how to recalibrate. Get access to this exclusive collection of presentations from the 2023 Childless Collective Summit to guide you as you find healing, make connections, and envision your next chapter.

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Presentation Access

Unlimited access to 30+ of the 2023 sessions for a full year in video format, complete with closed captions.

Private Podcast Feed of all sessions

Don’t have time to sit and watch the sessions? Listen to them podcast-style instead! When you upgrade your ticket, you’ll get access to a private podcast feed that you can easily upload to your favorite podcast player and listen to audio versions of the presentations on the go.

session transcripts

Prefer to read? You’ll have access to transcripts from all the sessions to refer back to at any time so you can search the transcript to find what you’re needing without rewatching the full session.

Option to pay over three months

Pay in full or split the cost into three payments, one today and one each month for two months.

Advice and support from those who've been there.

We’ve brought together thought leaders from around the world to share their collective wisdom on navigating grief, experiencing joy, finding community, and embracing an unexpectedly childless life. With 30+ sessions, this collection is brimming with resources and support.

You will feel relieved, positive and supported by these sessions. It's not a celebration of the struggle we have/are going through, but a celebration of who we are and the amazing new lives and adventures we're going to start.

The best collection of helpful and comforting support and advice I've had in my 15 year childless journey.

These sessions are truly life-changing. Hearing people speak about our shared experiences and share language and frameworks for how to talk about and process them will help me for years to come.

common questions

You’ll get unlimited access to all of the content included in your selected collection immediately after purchase. Check your email for login details.

You will have access to all of the content included in your selected collection for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

Almost all of the speakers are childless not by choice. A few of the speakers are childfree by choice.

The Childless Collective Summit is primarily designed for those who are childless not by choice, meaning anyone who wanted kids but couldn’t or didn’t have them.

No problem! Send an email over to and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Hearing from those who have been on this path for decades and learning what is in store on this path was really helpful. I loved learning and unpacking the stereotypes and stigmas we hear about childless people and how to move beyond them into a more authentic story for yourself.

An exceptional collection full of rich, multi-layered insights and inspirations.

One of the best things I've done all year.

The Childless Collective did the hard part of finding the resources for navigating a childless life for me. It can feel so overwhelming to start an unexpected journey and this summit connected me with tools I need but don't always know how to get.