The 2023 Childless Collective Summit has ended. 

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Watch the replay of the live welcome call where Katy shares her opening remarks, what to expect over the next four days, and tips for making the most of the summit.

AIMEE RUIZ she/her

Never Tried to Conceive: Letting Go of the Dream and Healing Grief

In this session, Aimee shares her story of letting go of her dream of parenthood and finding healing amidst the grief of becoming childless by circumstance. She also shares what she’s learned along the way, including: the transformative power of becoming our own best friend; the significance of finding love in the relationships and support systems around us; and the importance of being present and connecting with what we do have in our current circumstances.


My Childless Identity Feels Under Threat

In this conversation with Katy Seppi, Stephanie explores how our sense of identity can be impacted by childlessness. She explores the labels and stereotypes we’re often given by society and how to tune out other’s opinions to cultivate our own sense of identity.


Happiness Comes from Within: Embracing A Single, Childfree Life

Join Lucy as she shares her journey of personal growth and development, which enabled her to find happiness as a single, childfree woman. Lucy explores the power of inner work, discovering our agency in shaping our lives, and harnessing the immense power of our thoughts. With a focus on choice and embracing our childless status, we uncover the truth that happiness is an inside job. By being intentional with our thoughts, shifting beliefs, and redirecting our focus towards what serves us, we can create positive change and transform our lives for the better.


Tuff Tuck: Yellin' At A Flower Don't Make It Bloom

Join Tuck for a very raw, honest, freewheeling talk about his experience as a Trans/Queer outsider navigating life, death, and childlessness with comedy, kindness, and sometimes profanity.


Grieving Girlhood

Inspired by current conversations around grieving girlhood, Stacey connects this theme to her diagnosis and experience of having MRKH (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser) Syndrome. Through a mix of poetry and personal stories, Stacy explores what it means to be grieving multiple things at once: her own expectations of her body, and the girlhood of a girl who grew up too fast.



Single and Childless: Unpacking Themes Of Disenfranchisement & Empowerment

We all need to be seen and heard and understood. Single and childless women are so often marginalized and disenfranchised that it’s vital to bring these voices to the forefront. In this conversation between Judy Graham and Rebecca Chan, they celebrate the voices of single and childless women. They unpack the results of research that Rebecca published in July, 2023 entitled: Voices of (m)otherhood: Listening to the experiences of single and childless women. The study revealed common struggles and empowering attitudes that emerged as themes from the women’s stories. You’re invited to use the themes as a framework for self-reflection and connect with resources specifically designed for single and childless women.



Single and Childless: the Value of Community Connections

Being single and childless not by choice comes with an array of stigmas and assumptions. Unpacking these stigmas and assumptions in community can bring healing.


Redefining Identity Being A "Step Parent"

Being in a family with children who are not biologically ours was never in our life script and can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. In this presentation, Helen shares her own experience of this and talks openly about how she managed to redefine her identity away from pre-determined roles and more towards being in line with her values.


Deconstructing and Reconstructing Identity and Values

This session focuses on how childlessness can bring up issues and explorations around our personal identities and values. You’ll learn how Helen navigated, deconstructed, and reconstructed their identity and values, and leave with some guidance around how you can apply these concepts to your own experience of childlessness.

APRIL BOYD she/her

Claiming Your Time, Worth & Sovereignty As A Childless Person In A World That Thinks You're Always Available

In this workshop we’ll explore mindset shifts, scripts and tips for saying no, setting limits and speaking up with more confidence and ease in moments when: people don’t seem to respect your time, boundaries or decisions; you’re faced with inappropriate comments or ask invasive questions; your boss or colleagues expect you to do more than your share or take all the worst shifts “because you don’t have kids.”; your family & friends expect you to drop everything because they think you’re “doing nothing anyway.”


Anatomía de un duelo | The Anatomy of Grief

This session is in Spanish with English subtitles. 

Partiendo del proceso de duelo en general, y llegamos al duelo por no ser madre/padre y a las características que lo diferencian. Os comparto el análisis preliminar de una encuesta que estoy realizando para conocer más a fondo el duelo por no poder tener hijos.

Gloria shares some of the common characteristics of grief that comes from being childless. She also shares the preliminary analysis of a survey she is conducting to learn more about the grief of not being able to have children.

BINDI SHAH she/her

Creating A Whole You:  Reconnecting With The Old Connecting With The New

In this session, we explore the whole of you. Reconnecting with the old parts of you which you may have lost during your journey of childlessness, and connecting with who you are now. The reconnection to the old, and the connection to the new, creates your whole self now. The session involves a 12 minute guided meditation with short moments of silence, and some prompts for your journaling around your childlessness and connecting to yourself. I have also included the Ball of Light and Grounding in the meditation – two much-loved features from the childless meditation classes. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of how the old part of you prior to your childlessness realisation, and the present part of you can come together for your healing. You are creating a WHOLE you.


Things People Say When You're Childless

Lana explores some of the most common questions and comments childless people encounter around their parenthood status. During this session, Lana offers ideas for how to respond to these questions and comments in a way that keeps you feeling authentic and in alignment with yourself and your personal story.


Ceremonies of Hope: Healing the Grief of Childlessness

Join coach and artist Saskia Fraser to learn what ceremony is and how it can help as part of your healing journey. Saskia shares her own experience of childlessness and how a surprisingly empowering ceremony resulted in a noticeable change in her ability to cope with her grief.


Ambiguous Loss and Disenfranchised Grief in Childlessness

In this session, Emily explores two concepts that can be helpful in describing the experiences of many who are childless not by choice: ambiguous loss and disenfranchised grief. Join Emily for an exploration of these concepts and how they may connect to experiences of being childless. This session also includes tips on how to heal and move forward while navigating grief and loss.

ANA BARRERA ella/her

El arte como compañía en procesos de infertilidad | Art as Company During Infertility

This session is in Spanish with English subtitles. 

En esta presentación cuento qué es para mí arteterapia, cómo me ha servido en mi proceso y cómo acompaño a mujeres del colectivo sin hijos. Además, te ofrezco una guía para que puedas conectar con tu creatividad desde casa.

Ana shares what art therapy means to her, how it has served her in processing her infertility experience and how art can serve as company for childless women. She also offers a guide to connect with your own creativity from home.


Tend & Befriend: Grief Tending 101

Discover the hows and whys of creating a relationship with your grief, so you can move forward with all that you have experienced. Participate in a guided grief tending practice and find resources to start your own.


El Autocuidado en Tiempos de Infertilidad Social
Self-Care during times of Social Infertility

This session is in Spanish with English subtitles. 

Descubre 4 estrategias para sobrellevar esos días difíciles ocasionados por la infertilidad social. Estas te brindarán perspectiva y apoyo en este camino desafiante. Conectar emocionalmente, explorar opciones y cuidarte son pasos esenciales. En esta charla Adriana te acompaña con comprensión y cariño en cada paso de esta travesía. ¡No estás sola!

Discover 4 strategies to cope with those difficult days caused by social infertility. These will give you perspective and support on this challenging path. Connecting emotionally, exploring options, and taking care of yourself are essential steps. In this talk Adriana accompanies you with understanding and affection in every step of this journey. You are not alone!

JODY DAY she/her

What Does Meaning Mean to You?

In this conversation with Katy Seppi, Jody Day shares her thoughts on ‘finding meaning’, and what she’s learned from working with thousands of childless women personally through her workshops, courses, books and online interactions over the last 12 years. She also introduces us to a key tool she created – The Meaning Map – to help each of us work out how we can explore what meaning means to us, and an overview of how to work with it. We also discuss how what feels meaningful to each of us changes over time, and about relating to it as a story that evolves over time, just like life.


Purpose Beyond Parenthood

We can find a meaningful, purpose filled life beyond that of parenting and it can be greater than anything we’ve imagined. Through these session, Tiffany shares her strategies to challenge negative narratives, reimagine your life, and gain a deeper understanding of who you really are.


Rewriting Your Narrative

Rewriting Your Narrative discusses society’s narrative about involuntary childless people and shows why and how we need to rewrite our narratives. The major takeaways from this presentation are society’s narrative of involuntary childless people is false and has a damaging effect. You do not have to be defined by society’s narrative. You are the author of your story, you have the power within to rewrite your narrative. Rewriting your narrative is about being your authentic self and doing those things that promote quality of life.


Legacy and Pregnancy Are Not Interrelated

In this session, Jerra challenges the belief that legacy is always tied to parenthood. She shares examples of her favorite childless and childfree role models and the legacy they left, and gives suggestions for how we can reimagine our own relationship to legacy.


Childfree After Infertility: A Male Perspective

Stuart is a narrowboat and alternative living vlogger, sharing his story of going from a male factor infertility diagnosis to being child free and the options it has given him, sharing some of the things that helped him along the way.


Embracing Childfree: Goals for Living Your Best Life

When life doesn’t go as planned, it can be hard to envision what’s next. Together, we will create and implement life goals that reflect your current life without kids.


La vida sin hijos, una alternativa válida y potente en el siglo XXI
Life without Kids: A Valid and Strong Alternative

This session is in Spanish with English subtitles. 

Crecemos en el convencimiento de que el deseo de ser madre forma parte de nuestra naturaleza femenina y que la maternidad es nuestro único destino posible. Cuestionar esta creencia nos libera del mandato cultural y nos abre a la multiplicidad de formas de amor y de alternativas de alcanzar la autorealización.

We are told that the desire to be a mother is part of our feminine nature and that motherhood is our only possible destiny. Questioning this belief frees us from the cultural mandate and opens us to the various forms of love and alternatives to achieving self-realization.


Finding Acceptance Whilst Grieving the Loss of Motherhood

Yvonne talks about the difficulties of grieving the loss of motherhood, what support means, and the meaning of acceptance and the different ways acceptance can look like when grieving the loss of motherhood.



Public Self, Private Self: Taking Up Space Without Burning Out

For a childless person, taking up space can be both empowering and stressful. This discussion will address why it’s challenging to bring one’s full self into the room and how we can experience burnout and even blame ourselves for not always being vocal. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of large forces shaping these feelings and choices as well as an appreciation that the decision to share a story can depend on our audience, safety, intersecting identities, and support network.


Advocating To Be Seen (While Single and Childless)

Susie shares her experience in advocating to be seen in the workplace as a single and childless woman, and shares what she has learned in the process. You’ll come away with some insight into how to make advocating for yourself and your community a successful and positive experience.


If Not Mother: Identity Outside of Motherhood

In this conversation with Katy Seppi, Ruby shares some of her biggest takeaways from her new book, Women Without Kids: The Revolutionary Rise of the Unsung Sisterhood. She explores: identity outside of motherhood; how she approached writing the book; how to celebrate our lives, just as they are; and insight into who we are as a collective of women without kids.


The Big Payoffs for Befriending Our Elders (those who are childless and childfree)

In this conversation with Katy Seppi, Kate shares her insight into the benefits of intergenerational friendships for those without kids. She also shares her top tips for how to meet others without kids and how to get the conversation going.


Discovering Unlikely Systems Of Support: Externally And Within Yourself

This presentation offers a critical analysis of some theories around support. It will also provide you with an exploration of unconventional systems of support that you can build in to your daily life.

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