Meet Your Host

Katy Seppi, Founder, Childless Collective

Katy (she/her) is the founder of the Childless Collective, a hub for community and support for those who are involuntarily childless. Each year, she brings together thousands of childless people through the annual Childless Collective Summit. She also hosts the Childless Collective (formerly the Gateway Women online community), a private online community for women and non-binary people who are childless not by choice.

Katy holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia, with an emphasis in community empowerment and program development. She loves bringing her expertise in these areas to endeavors that create support and connection for the childless community. She currently lives in Savannah, Georgia and spends her free time on her bike, exploring swamps, reading, hanging out with her favorite people, finding the best tiki drinks, and anything else that strikes her fancy.

Meet the Keynote

Ruby Warrington, Author

RUBY WARRINGTON is a British-born author, editor, and publishing consultant. Perhaps best known as the creator of the term “Sober Curious,” her 2018 book and million-download podcast of the same title have helped to spearhead a global movement to reevaluate our relationship with alcohol. Ruby’s other works include Material Girl, Mystical World, The Sober Curious Reset, and her most recent book, Women Without Kids: The Revolutionary Rise of an Unsung Sisterhood, which seeks to valorize the path of non-motherhood as it examines the various factors behind the drop off in birth rates globally. Ruby’s work has been featured by countless media outlets, including the New York Times, The Guardian, and Good Morning America. She lives in Brooklyn.


Stephanie Joy Phillips


Founder, World Childless Week

My Childless Identity Feels Under Threat

Stephanie spent a large part of her twenties in an abusive relationship and took the contraceptive pill to ensure children would not be born into that situation. In her early thirties she met her husband to be but they didn’t try to conceive until nearing forty. At the age of 39 she was told by an unsympathetic doctor “if he manages to get you pregnant it is highly unlikely you’ll carry full term”.

In 2016 Stephanie Joy Phillips founded three childless support groups on Facebook: Childless Path To Acceptance, Childless Chit Chat and Childless Perks!!

In 2017 after realising there was no national or global recognition of the childless not by choice community she founded World Childless Week; a platform where the childless can find their voice and share their stories with confidence.

Steph lives in Worcestershire with her husband and two rescue cats, Storm and Tea-Cup.

Lucy Meggeson


Podcast Host & Producer

Your Happiness Comes From Within: Embracing A Single, Childfree Life.

Lucy is the 47 year old, single, childfree host and producer of podcast Spinsterhood Reimagined, which celebrates all things…single and childfree! It also celebrates and encourages personal growth and development. Lucy also runs her own membership, Thrive Solo, a community for single women who are more excited about growing and expanding their lives, than they are worried about finding a partner. She is passionate about helping and empowering single women to understand that their happiness comes from within, not from a relationship; and that being single and childfree does not mean you are ‘less than’, or a failure, or that you haven’t quite ‘made it.’ She previously worked for several years at BBC Radio 2, and had a very brief foray as a detective (which she loathed and quickly left) before making some big changes in her life which included quitting her job to work part-time in a coffee shop, and starting a podcast. Lucy is obsessed with music, the river near her home in south-west London, as well as her crazy, yet completely divine cat, Johnny Depp.

Judy Graham


Lived Experience Therapist, WomenHood Counselling

Single and childless: Unpacking Themes of Disenfranchisement & Empowerment

Judy Graham is a therapist, educator and advocate for the recognition and support of childless women. She is a World Childless Week Ambassador, a Gateway Women Reignite Facilitator and is the Founder of WomenHood Counselling where she specialises in providing support for Australian women who are childless not by choice.

Judy is single and childless. She didn’t choose to be single, or childless – it’s how life unfolded (ok, it didn’t unfold neatly like a napkin, it was a bit messier like untangling knots on a frayed fishing net!). After navigating layers of unexpected stigma and social exclusion, Judy is making her own map and living life her way. While being a single, childless woman can be challenging in all sorts of ways, she has found that unshackling herself from social and personal assumptions offers unexpected freedoms, liberation, and a fulfilling, textured life, rich with joy, wonder and connection.

Helen Robertson


Coach, Tiny Parade Coaching

Non-Parent, Nonbinary: Gender and Childlessness

Helen Robertson is a coach, consultant, and artist living in Oregon in the U.S. They have been childless since 2020 after several years of infertility. Helen loves research, working creatively with people making positive changes in their communities, rethinking legacy, talking about gender, and debating the purpose of distinguishing arts from crafts. They live in a 115-year-old house with their husband, a dog, and a cat.

Carrie Brauninger


Co-Founder Sonder Sisterhood, LCSW and Certified Life Coach

Single and Childless Not By Choice: Value of Community

Carrie is a therapist, certified life coach, and childless not by choice through circumstance. Carrie has experienced the, isolation, fear, worry, sadness, and anxiety that comes with grieving being childless. Carrie co-founded Sonder Sisterhood for the single, childless person as she is a strong believer in shared experience and community as a way to heal and educate others that you can live a meaningful, purposeful, and fun life even when childless not by choice. She lives in Denver, Colorado and loves spending time with her Great Dane named Gavin.

Stacey Brown


MRKH Advocate and Poet

Grieving Girlhood

Stacey Brown (she/her) is a poet and MRKH advocate. MRKH is a congenital syndrome affecting 1 in 5,000 women, where you’re born without a uterus or an underdeveloped vaginal canal. In May 2021, Stacey launched Wombless and Worthy, using poetry to redefine what it means to be a woman.
The world tells you this is what a woman’s body is supposed to do and how a woman’s body is supposed to do it. Her goal is to use poetry to inspire and share a message that reminds others who are a part of the MRKH and infertility community that they still have a purpose and their body still has a purpose.

Tan (Tuck) Cornelius


Artist, Comedian, Filmmaker, Poet, Strongman

Tuff Tuck: Yellin' at a Flower Don't Make It Bloom

Tan “Tuck” Cornelius is a multidisciplinary artist who began his career as a poet and comedian – featured across Canada and in the UK – and then added filmmaker, and (somehow) steel-breaking Strongman to his arsenal of talents. Tan is a passionate advocate for the 2STLBG+, disabled/chronically ill, and childless communities, and for a more just, equitable, and nuanced World where all people are valued. A master storyteller, Tan utilizes his odd range of skills and experiences to shine a light on topics such as mental illness, violence, and the myriad forms of human cruelty in a way that inspires, challenges, and entertains. You’ll laugh. He’s beastly charming.

Rebecca Bic Lui Chan


Registered Clinical Counsellor, Sequoia Springs Counselling and Wellness

Single and childless: Unpacking Themes of Disenfranchisement & Empowerment

Rebecca Chan is a registered clinical counsellor, researcher, writer, and speaker living in Vancouver, Canada. She is deeply passionate about supporting people with living authentic lives free from societal and cultural expectations, with her focus population being single and childless women over the age of 35. Her recent research article “Voices of (m)otherhood: Listening to the experiences of single and childless women”
was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. It aimed to offer an open and non-judgmental space for women in this population to share their stories and explore how they experience themselves and define their sense of self living in a society where the ideology of marriage and family is still the dominant cultural narrative. Rebecca hopes to recognize and celebrate where the single and childless woman is in her journey, and to inspire her to live a life of connection, fulfillment, and meaning.

Naomi Geidel


Sonder Sisterhood

Single and Childless Not By Choice: Value of Community

Naomi Geidel is a multifaceted international educator, life purpose & transition coach, and creative, whose inspiring journey has shaped her into a passionate advocate for embracing life’s unexpected turns. She openly shares her story to break societal stigmas and to inspire others who may be experiencing similar circumstances. Through her creative endeavors, she encourages others to find solace in self-expression, regardless of the path life has taken them on. In her free time, Naomi can be found exploring the back streets of new cities, playing in her creative space and seeking out adventures. 

Aimee Ruiz


Acupuncturist, Writer

Never Tried To Conceive and Childless: Letting Go of the Dream And Healing Our Grief

I am childless by circumstance/not by choice. I never tried to conceive. I struggled to find a partner to start a family with and didn’t want to go it alone. Having never directly dealt with infertility, I struggled to find people I could relate to in the childless community. Though with endometriosis and other reproductive health issues, I probably would have (had I tried).
For many years, I was in deep despair over the possibility of not becoming a parent and had to find ways to process my tremendous grief and what felt like an invisible loss. Through meditation, reiki, and therapy, I found hope and healing. I want to share the tools that help me heal my grief with others so they can walk through their experiences of childlessness more nourished and resourced. I am currently working on a writing project to share these tools with the world.

Helen Gallagher


Founder, Happy and Childless - Transformational Coaching

Redefining Identity Being A "Step Parent"

Founder of Happy and Childless, a coaching business which also incorporates a blog, podcast and connections app for childless not by choice men and women. The emphasis is on helping people move forward and create happy and fulfilling lives with purpose and contentment. I am not happy because I am childless but despite being childless.

Through personal experience and through successfully navigating my way through challenges, I am fully committed to offering support and coaching to others. I have dedicated the last 5 years to compiling the best resources, tips and techniques which are proven and have shown results time and time again. I know this because it is these very techniques which helped me move forward from a place of deep sadness and hopelessness to one of renewed hope, joy and fulfillment.


Sarah Jane Smith


Embodiment Teacher, Coach and Grief Tender

Build a Relationship with Grief

Sarah Jane Smith is an embodiment teacher, grief ritual facilitator and coach who helps fellow childless not-by-choice women integrate grief, amplify agency and embody possibility.
Using the foundations of embodiment, self-compassion, grief tending and finding belonging, she helps women uncover the confidence, spark and clarity buried on the way to becoming childless.
She has over 1000 hours of formal Yoga teacher + meditation training and over 4500 hours of experience leading classes, facilitating workshops, retreats and coaching cohorts in person and online.
She is a Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute and has trained in grief tending and grief ritual facilitation with Francis Weller.

Bindi Shah


Meditation Guide & Writer

Creating a WHOLE you: Reconnecting with the Old & Connecting with the New.

Bindi Shah is a meditation guide, and writer. Finding comfort in meditation, Bindi shares this healing practice, with meditation classes specifically for the childless community.

“In meditation, you move inwards, which is a tender place to be. I want childless not by choice women to feel comfortable as they meditate, and to be with others who understand their story.”

Bindi’s path into the well-being world began in 2001. She studied Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation in India and following that established a healing practice in London, UK.

As well as meditation, writing has become Bindi’s refuge during difficult times. She writes poetry, and this healing writing is also the inspiration for her Write to Heal workshops.

Bindi’s empathy for the childless community comes from her own multi-layered experience, including adenomyosis that led to a hysterectomy. Her work revolves around empowering and supporting others through meditation and writing.

Lana Manikowski


Certified Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Founder, Podcaster

Things People Say When You're Childless

When a 7-year fertility journey ended without a child – and donor egg & adoption wasn’t for her – Lana yearned for a community who could understand the loneliness, self-judgment and loss around navigating a childless future. When she couldn’t find one, she established for the CNBC through the launch of The “So Now What?” Podcast in 2021.

A Certified Life Coach and activist for infertile and childless women, Lana has helped thousands of women learn to thrive and feel fulfilled without the children they thought they’d have. Lana has an unwavering commitment to help the CNBC community create a life that feels meaningful, powerful and purposeful again and loves serving as an example that childless women can create the life of their dreams, even when it didn’t turn out as planned.

Lana lives in Chicago with her husband and the furchild, Coco.

April Boyd


Social Worker, Psychotherapist & Coach with the Love & Loss Project

Claiming Your Time, Worth & Sovereignty as a Childless Person in a World that Thinks You’re Always Available

April Boyd is a social worker, psychotherapist & bereaved mom who is turning her daughter’s brief life story into a love story, by living as brightly as possible and helping others to do the same. She is the author of How to Catch a Falling Star: Creating a legacy of love after the loss of your baby, and founder of The Love & Loss Project, which currently supports grieving parents and care providers across 24 countries. You can usually find her snuggled up with dogs and a cup of coffee, talking about love, life and loss.

Saskia Fraser


Founder, The Feminine School of Wisdom

Ceremonies of Hope: Healing the Grief of Childlessness

Saskia Fraser is the founder of The Feminine School of Wisdom, a growing resource for sharing the deep wisdom of women and the healing power of ceremony. For the last 15 years Saskia has been coaching women and facilitating groups as they transition through hard times and sustained emotional challenges. She is an expert in supporting women to fulfill their potential whilst gaining resilience and self-belief. The Path to Wholeness is a 6-week ceremonial healing journey that Saskia has created for the CNBC community.

“I feel honored and blessed to be able to offer you this safe and sacred understanding of ceremony, and to support you in your childless grief and ongoing healing and recovery. As a childless woman myself, I deeply understand.”

Emily Wesley


Therapist (LICSW/MSW) at EWesley Counseling located in the state of Washington

Ambiguous Loss and Disenfranchised Grief in Childlessness

Emily Wesley is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Washington. She has a private practice called EWesley Counseling. She works with individuals who have experienced trauma, grief, loss and assists clients with identity intersectionalities using an attachment lens and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Emily is a transracial Korean adoptee and identifies as someone who is childless.

Ana Barrera


Arteterapeuta y fundadora de Espacio Arte y Río en Madrid

El arte como compañía en procesos de infertilidad

Ana Barrera es fundadora del Espacio Arte y Río en Madrid: un lugar donde explorar las emociones usando el arte como medio de expresión.
Mujer no madre, agrónoma, arteterapeuta, acuarelista y guía psicocorporal acompaña a mujeres que no pueden ser madres. Pone el foco en recuperar sensaciones que pueden haberse perdido o estar bloqueadas en el proceso de búsqueda de la maternidad no conseguida. El poder personal, la confianza, la autoestima, la seguridad y la autocompasión. 
Con el arte, la creatividad y el cuerpo trabaja para acercar a la esencia pura y completa de cada mujer.

Ana Barrera is the founder of Espacio Arte y Rio in Madrid: a place where you can explore your emotions using art as a communication tool. A childless woman, farmer, art therapist, watercolour painter and psicocorporal guide she helps women that cannot be mothers. She focuses on regaining feelings that may have been lost or blocked in the process of trying to become a mother. Be it personal power, confidence, self esteem, safety and/or self compassion. With art, the creativity and the body work together to connect the pure and complete essence of each individual woman.

Adriana Castro


Psicóloga y conferencista. Fundadora de Call to Action, una comunidad online dirigida a mujeres sin hijos.

El Autocuidado en Tiempos de Infertilidad Social / Self-Care during times of Social Infertility

Adriana es fundadora y directora de Call to action: Una comunidad online dirigida a mujeres sin hijos/as que une en torno a causas, intereses y problemas comunes a ellas.
Call to action ofrece un espacio seguro en el que puedan interactuar con personas con ideas similares a fin de que desarrollen herramientas mejor una mejor relación con ellas, con su entorno y sus posibilidades.
Escribe para la Revista Expansión, medio de comunicación líder en México, en su columna busca visibilizar la presencia de las mujeres sin hijos en los entornos laborales y el mundo de los negocios.

Adriana is founder and director of Call to action: An online community aimed at women without children that unites around causes, interests and problems common to them. Call to action offers a safe space in which they can interact with people with similar ideas so that they develop better tools and a better relationship with them, with their environment and their possibilities. She writes for Expansión Magazine, a leading media outlet in Mexico, in her column she seeks to make visible the presence of childless women in work environments and the business world.

Gloria Labay Rodriguez


Matrona, Terapeuta en duelo

Anatomía de un duelo.

Mi nombre es Gloria Labay soy una mujer de 58 años, sin hijos por infertilidad. Tuve cuatro pérdidas gestacionales. Soy matrona desde hace 25años, y hace poco me he formado como Terapeuta en Duelo. Fundadora en 2018 de: La vida sin hijos, una red de soporte y amistad para mujeres sin hijos por circunstancias. Investigo sobre el duelo de no ser madre junto con la Universidad de Girona (Spain).

My name is Gloria Labay, I am a 58-year-old woman, childless due to infertility. I had four pregnancy losses. I have been a midwife for 25 years, and I have recently trained as a Grief Therapist. Founder in 2018 of: Life Without Children, a support and friendship network for women without children due to circumstances. I research the grief of not being a mother together with the University of Girona (Spain).


Carrie Hauskens


Frieelance Writer

Journaling Through Your Grief

Hi, I’m Carrie, a freelance writer based in Northern California. My expertise is writing about infertility and the many tangents that radiate from that experience. My trademark is vulnerable and authentic writing.

Tiffany Janzen


Writer/Content Creator, My Boring Meaningless Childfree Life

Purpose Beyond Parenthood

Tiffany lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Phil and their two ‘fur kids’, Audrey and Luna. She created a community online for both childfree and childless people to connect and engage in a positive atmosphere.

Nisa Darroux


Dissertation Consultant, Your Dissertation Consultant

Rewriting Your Narrative

Nisa Darroux has a diverse background in child welfare operations, counseling, and financial management. She currently works with the Department of Health and Human Services. Nisa has a doctorate in Education in Community Care and Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family. She is also a Certified Public Accountant. Nisa has a passion for helping women and has been a mentor and counselor to many women struggling with issues such as identity, self-esteem, self-care and creating healthy boundaries. She loves orchids and has a number of them in her home. She is also a big music lover, especially instrumental jazz.

Jerra Latrice Mitchell


Founder, Unfertilized Eggs

Legacy and Pregnancy Are NOT Interrelated!

The mission of Unfertilized Eggs is to provide a safe space for childfree women and non-binary. Through our YouTube channel and exclusive apparel/merchandise, we validate their childfree choice. We also aim to destroy the negative stigma associated with the childfree community.

Stuart Robson


Childfree After Infertility, A Male Perspective

I currently live on a narrowboat, exploring the UK inland waters with my amazing wife. We record a vlog of our adventures and release it on our YouTube channel called Bobbing Along. although our childfree status isn’t a focal point, we do mention in the intro to every video that we are child free after infertility. This is because we want to present a positive story of being child free and the options it has given us.
I struggled with my mental health after a diagnosis of azoospermia for about five years, before I was able to embrace childfree life and the options it afforded. I hope in sharing my story and what I learnt on my journey to embracing childfree life, other people will resonate with my experience, and potentially aid in their own journey.

Katie Maynard



Public Self, Private Self - Taking Up Space Without Burning Out

Katie Maynard is a licensed therapist, consultant, and childless person living in Washington State.  Her lived experience informs and inspires her advocacy for better mental health care for people without children.  Alongside a private practice she also works with other providers seeking to enlarge their clinical competency and provide childless affirmative services.

Sarah Roberts


Counsellor, Lived experience advocate, The Empty Cradle

Public Self, Private Self - Taking Up Space Without Burning Out

All our childless stories are precious and multi-layered. Mine includes bad timing, poor decisions, gentle recovery, a decade trying to conceive (including ART), many losses and finally realizing the life I thought I was living wasn’t the one I was in. I was lost, broken and burnt out.

In 2017, I gathered up my broken heart, counselling and community work experience, and post-grad social work studies, to found The Empty Cradle (, a service for women transitioning to permanent involuntary childlessness. We offer counselling, mentoring, groupwork, community education, professional training, social policy activism and publicly wonder about non-parenting lives.

I’m a Gateway Reignite Facilitator and World Childless Week Ambassador.

So many of us live in contexts where we are not understood, our precious stories not held with love and respect. From deep in my heart, as a fellow childless traveller, please know you matter, your story matters, your work matters, your life matters.

Susie Imholt


Advocating to be Seen (while Single and Childless)

Susie Imholt is an environmental scientist in the Pacific Northwest with a background in science education and communication. She leads a network group for colleagues who are also women without children. Previously, Susie hosted the Single Life subgroup for unpartnered childless women within the Gateway Women, and now Childless Collective online community. She is energized by opportunities to engage others in exploring how our internalized biases impact how we show up and interact, in particular around childlessness and singlehood. Susie enjoys baking, cycling, and collecting other hobbies at her home with Linus the Cat in Seattle, WA.

Graciela pardo


Consultora Psicológica, Autora del libro "Todo mal, cigüeña" Psychological Counselor, Author of the book “Todo mal, Cigüeña”

La vida sin hijos, una alternativa válida y potente en el siglo XXI Life without Kids: A Valid and Strong Alternative

Argentina, nacida en Buenos Aires en 1970 – Consultora Psicológica y docente, especializada en Desarrollo Personal y en temas de pareja y familia – Especialista en Dificultades Reproductivas, creadora del Seminario: “Como acompañar las dificultades reproductivas” – Autora del libro “Todo mal, Cigüeña” destinado a personas que atraviesan infertilidad y mujeres sin hijos. Desde hace 10 años acompaña a personas con inquietudes y conflictos relacionados con la maternidad en consultorio particular y espacios grupales. Divulgadora y comunicadora sobre temas de no maternidad y dificultades reproductivas.

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1970, Psychological Counselor and teacher, specializing in personal development, couples and families-specializing in reproduction difficulties, creator of the seminar: “How to deal with reproductive difficulties”-Author of the book “Todo mal Cigüeña” intended for people that are struggling with infertility and women without children. For 10 years she has been working with people’s concerns and relationship difficulties regarding motherhood in personal therapy and group sessions. Focusing on the topics of not being a mother and reproduction difficulties.

Jody Day


Founder at Gateway Women

What does Meaning Mean to You?

Jody Day founded Gateway Women in 2011 and is often called the ‘founder of the childless movement’. She is also the author of ‘Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning and a Fulfilling Future Without Children’ (Bluebird/PanMacmillan). Chosen as one of the BBC’s ‘100 Women’ in 2013 and as a UK Digital Woman of the Year in 2021, she’s a global thought leader on involuntary childlessness, a psychotherapist, a two-times TEDx speaker, a founding and former board member at Ageing Without Children, a former Fellow in Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School and an Ambassador for World Childless Week. After a lifetime in London, she now lives in rural Ireland where she is living in a half-built house on the Atlantic coast whilst trying very hard to finish her first novel (featuring a childless heroine of course!) and nurturing her emerging Gateway Elderwomen project.

Yvonne John


NHS Manager and Trainee Therapist

Finding Acceptance Whilst Grieving the Loss of Motherhood

Yvonne John is the author of ‘Dreaming of a Life Unlived: Intimate Stories and Portraits of Women Without Children’ (2016). As an activist and public speaker Yvonne has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes, including ‘Woman’s Hour’ on BBC Radio 4 and the Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me documentary, to talk about her experience of recovering from the devastating grief of involuntary childlessness as well being a panellist for the Independent Newspaper’s conversations on ‘The Parenthood Question’ and ‘What does being a woman in 2023 mean’. Yvonne is a graduate of Gateway Women (GW) year-long Plan B Mentorship programme, a trained facilitator of the GW Reignite Weekend workshops and a World Childless Week Ambassador. Yvonne is passionate about creating an inclusive space for black women and women of colour to openly talk about their childless journey and is the leading voice on the childless WoC’s experience of infertility. 


Tanya Hubbard



Discovering Unlikely Systems Of Support: Externally and Within Yourself

I am a professional counsellor and coach living in Vancouver, Canada. As I was completing my training as a counsellor, I was also in my own deep grief as I came to terms with becoming permanently childless. I have experienced pregnancy loss, fibroid surgery, multiple fertility treatments and after 7 years of trying to conceive, chose to stop all the interventions and figure out how to build a new life trajectory without children.

As I moved through my own grief and began to build my private practice, I decided to start an instagram account with a focus on supporting those who were childless not by choice. That has allowed me to build some beautiful personal and professional connections as well as find clients that are a great fit. It is my honour to support people as they navigate being childless despite having wanted to become a parent.

Kate Kaufmann


Author, Advocate

The Big Payoffs for Befriending Our Elders (those who are childless and childfree)

Kate Kaufmann is the international award-winning of Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No. She advocates for better of the childless/free demographic on line, in print, and in person. Her Psychology Today column, called “Unapparent,” is dedicated to debunking the sticky stereotypes and stigmas that create distance between us–parents and nonparents, childfree and childless, and among those who don’t have kids.

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