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If you're excited about the Childless Collective Summit, you'll love the Pace Yourself Pass!

Keep these supportive sessions for a full year

The summit includes so many amazing sessions to support you on your journey, but it’s a lot to process in just four days. Give yourself the space to take it in slowly, revisit presentations as you need them, and implement at your own pace. With a Pace Yourself Pass, you’ll have access to all 30+ sessions for a full year, plus extra bonuses to support you no matter where you’re at in your journey.


Ongoing Presentation Access

Extend your access to the sessions to watch at your own pace and revisit for a full year!

Private Podcast Feed of all sessions

Don’t have time to sit and watch the sessions? Listen to them podcast-style instead! When you upgrade your ticket, you’ll get access to a private podcast feed that you can easily upload to your favorite podcast player and listen to audio versions of the presentations on the go.

session transcripts

Prefer to read? You’ll have access to transcripts from all the sessions to refer back to at any time so you can search the transcript to find what you’re needing without rewatching the full session.


Pass holders will also get exclusive access to the Apply What You’ve Learned workshop series. This series includes four, 90-minute group sessions where you’ll meet other attendees and make plans to implement what you’ve learned at the summit. These sessions will be hosted in January and will be recorded for those who can’t make it live.

Rock Your Response Mini-course

This on-demand mini-course will help you feel more confident to respond to intrusive questions and unsolicited advice about your childless status. This mini-course includes 1 hour of closed-captioned audio lessons and transcripts, plus, a digital workbook with prep exercises and guidance for crafting your responses.

Option to pay over three months

Pay in full or split the cost into three payments, one today and one each month for two months.

Plus, over $500 worth of premium bonuses from summit speakers - details below!

Experience the summit on your timeline.

The Childless Collective Summit brings together thought leaders from around the world to share their collective wisdom on navigating grief, experiencing joy, finding community, and embracing an unexpectedly childless life. With 30+ sessions, the summit is brimming with resources and support, but it’s a lot to process in just four days.

explore at your pace

 If you’d like more time to explore the sessions, a Pace Yourself Pass will extend your access to all the presentations for a full year, so you can watch and implement what you’re learning at your own pace.

We know that navigating an unexpectedly childless life is a process, not a one time event. By purchasing a Pace Yourself Pass, you can revisit any of the sessions throughout the year because the ones you’re needing now may not be what you need most six months from now.

Your financial support also allows us to compensate all of the speakers for the time and experience they give to the summit, and makes the event sustainable – increasing the likelihood we can keep this an annual tradition.

You will feel relieved, positive and supported by these sessions. It's not a celebration of the struggle we have/are going through, but a celebration of who we are and the amazing new lives and adventures we're going to start.

The best collection of helpful and comforting support and advice I've had in my 15 year childless journey.

These sessions are truly life-changing. Hearing people speak about our shared experiences and share language and frameworks for how to talk about and process them will help me for years to come.

check out these

speaker bonuses

A journey into meaning:
an exercise to help you find your way

Jody Day
A video and written walkthrough of both parts of the Meaning Map exercise (as set out in Chapter 11 of Jody’s book). The content was created for the Gateway Women ‘Plan B Mentorship Programme’ (the online version was called ‘The Online Bee’) which ran from 2012-2021, and has never been made available outside the programs before.

Regular Price $200

Self-Compassion Course

Sarah Jane Smith
Learn the hows and why's of self-compassion as a path back to yourself. This course includes five value-packed sessions where you'll learn the theory and strategies behind Self-Compassion as a path to confidence, authenticity and inspiration. Includes simple practices and strategies to help you build the foundation of self-compassion into a mindset.

Regular Price $100

Reset & Release Breathwork Session

April Boyd
Let go of the trauma, old stories and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns of people pleasing, approval chasing and caring way too much about what others think of you. Join us for a live group healing & release session hosted by therapist, coach & breathwork facilitator April Boyd.

Regular Price $45

The B-F-A Cycle Masterclass

Lana Manikowski
A masterclass that will help you feel more connected to you and the childless path you are navigating. The recognition of the beliefs you carry about your journey impacts how you feel about yourself each day. This B-F-A Cycle will offer you one of the most transformative tools Lana teaches withing her Thrive After Infertility Community.

Regular Price $150

Sonder Support: Living The Life You Have

Sonder Sisterhood
Sonder Support is a 6-week gathering for those that are single and childless not by choice. Six weeks won't change everything, yet they can bring movement forward. During our time together, we'll work through the following: Expectations/Assumptions, Friendship/ Connection, Grief, Coping, Meaning/Purpose and What's Next/Reflections/Resources.

Regular Price $75

Get the Pace Yourself Pass, including $2,000 worth of premium bonuses from our expert speakers for just $147!

Hearing from those who have been on this path for decades and learning what is in store on this path was really helpful. I loved learning and unpacking the stereotypes and stigmas we hear about childless people and how to move beyond them into a more authentic story for yourself.

An exceptional collection full of rich, multi-layered insights and inspirations.

One of the best things I've done all year.

The Childless Collective did the hard part of finding the resources for navigating a childless life for me. It can feel so overwhelming to start an unexpected journey and this summit connected me with tools I need but don't always know how to get.

common questions

You’ll get access to everything in the Pace Yourself Pass immediately! Check your inbox after purchase. 

The only exception are the live sessions which will be happening during the summit. We’d add the recordings for those within 48 hours after they happen.

You will have access to all of the content included in the Pace Yourself Pass for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Some speaker bonuses may need to be claimed prior to one year. Details will be included in the pass. Feel free to reach out to me at if you have specific questions.

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

For each of the bonuses, you’ll get a download link or instructions for to access the material. This will allow the speakers to send you the info you’ll need for accessing and making the most out of their contribution.

After logging in to the Pace Yourself Pass, you’ll need to take a few minutes to go through and claim each of the bonuses you want.

We are not able to offer discounts, but know that you are getting an incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses already.

The Childless Collective Summit is primarily designed for those who are childless not by choice, meaning anyone who wanted kids but couldn’t or didn’t have them.

Early pricing for the Pace Yourself Pace ended on December 1. The pass is currently available at its regular price of $147.

Almost all of the speakers are childless not by choice, but a few are childfree by choice.

Yep! When you go to checkout, you’ll see the option to split the cost into three payments, one at purchase and two monthly payments to follow. 

We offer this option as part of our commitment to financial accessibility and it doesn’t cost you any extra to chose it.

No problem! Send an email over to and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

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$ 147
  • Ongoing access to all 33 sessions for a full year so you can watch and revisit at your own pace.
  • Private podcast feed so you can easily upload to your favorite podcast player and listen to audio versions of the presentations on the go.
  • Transcripts of each presentation for those who prefer to read.
  • Post-summit Workshop Series four, 90-minute sessions to apply what you've learned at the summit.
  • Rock Your Response mini-course to build your confidence for responding to intrusive questions and unsolicited advice.
  • Plus extra bonuses from summit speakers.
  • Split payment option available, pay over three months.